Friday, November 12, 2010

Madeline's birthday

Madeline turned 1 on Sept. 11th. I LOVE this little girl! The day before her birthday as I was taking the kids to school, we pulled over on the side of the road to let an ambulance pass by. Without a thought, I started to cry. My mind just happened to return to year ago when she and I were rushed in an ambulance to the nearest hospital and I had an emergency c-section 5 weeks early. I pictured everyone on the streets stopping on the side of the road to let us rush by just like we had done and it made me cry. I know that our Heavenly Father watches out for us and helps us to have the best possible outcome in the worst situations. We are so blessed  to have Madeline in our family.

 I feel like I've been blessed to know a little bit about my children before they are born and Madeline continues to be everything I felt she'd be. A very sweet, beautiful, easy going, loving and happy child. She makes everyone's day better!

Thanks for the cute birthday shirt Aunt Heidi and the cute tutu Aunt Janelle!


emlizalmo said...

HAHA! Is that seriously all we get? :) Your kids are so beautiful, Steph. Remember the good old days when we used to play spades and hearts till the wee hours of the morning? Just wondering. :)

David and Stephanie said...

Amy,Isn't that just the life of a mom, a project started but never finished! :) I'll get around to posting pictures sooner or later. Sure wish you lived closer Amy, not only to spend time with but to take great pictures of my family.
I looked forward to playing cards on Sundays nights. That was so fun. I only dream of being able to stay up late now just playing around. These days I stay up late just to clean, blah. I sure do miss you.

emlizalmo said...

She is GORGEOUS and chubby. :)