Thursday, September 2, 2010


Pictures I never got around to posting earlier. Preschool ended for Cole and Stella back in May. They both had great teachers and made good friends. Cole had a party the last day of class where they celebrated by cracking confetti filled eggs they made on each others head, symbolizing good luck. Stella had a graduation ceremony where she received a certificate and a carnation.  I made flower cookie bouquets as Thank You's and people even asked me if  they could pay me to make them for other occasions...sure! There is also a picture of Cole and the infamous Roxann -Cole's first love. Lucky for him, she loves him back. Roxann's son Ricky was in Cole's class and Roxann helped out often.  Apparently he takes after his dad and has a thing for older women hee hee.

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Heidi J said...

Seriously Steph, why aren't you selling those cookie bouquets??? They are awesome!!!!