Thursday, September 2, 2010


I finished, well almost, this armoire several weeks ago. I have some touch ups to do, but for the most part it is done. The intent was to put in the living room, but it's so big it wouldn't really work anywhere in there. We moved things around in our bedroom and it fits nicely. The top part has a shelf so it can store more. The best part is I got it on craigslist for 100$! David helped me fill in cracks and sand. Then I painted, painted, distressed and stained. I'd like a little darker stain around the distressed parts, so that's another part I'll finish later too. Overall we were very happy with how it turned out. We found some other great craigslist deals that weekend too. It was just one of those days :)

We have always thought it would be cute to have a bench for the kids under the playroom window. We bought this bench for 15$ on craigslist. It wasn't in great condition but David pulled out the wood putty, made some adjustments, sanded, primed and painted, painted and painted and it turned out cute. I'm going to make a cushion for the top and maybe one day get baskets underneath....
The yellow in the room really isn't that bright either :)

I LOVE this headboard. I couldn't find an inexpensive headboard that I liked for Stellas bed. It's a queen bed and functions as the guest bed too. But thanks to craigslist, that same weekend I came across this bed frame. It was dark turquoise green, but I loved the iron wrought and the curved lines. Luckily I was one of the first who called and the man saved it for me. It was apparently in high demand after that. I think we ended up paying 15 or 20$ for it too! I couldn't decide on what color to paint it. Stella wanted it PINK, not soft pink like I was envisioning but hot PINK. So we compromised. I painted the decorative parts pink and the rest a creme and then eventually distressed the pink parts and toned them down a bit....alot really. But there was a moment or two when I was very tempted to paint it all PINK. It was pretty cute.  It looks pretty in her room and I wish there was a foot board to go with it, oh well.

 We bought another headboard for our room, but I haven't started that project yet. Another 25$ find from Craigslist though. My other great project was this pottery barn chair. I bought this slip cover years ago for 1$ new at DownEast outfitters in Utah because a name was stitched on it. Like my other ones I un-stitched the name and it's not noticeable. I decided it was time to splurge and buy cushions for it since Stella and Cole tend to fight over the other one and this one being pink would be fun for the girls. I went to an upholstery store to buy some foam thinking it would be much cheaper than buying the foam insert from potterybarn kids (70$) To my surprise, foam is made from petroleum and so the price of it has gone up significantly. The manager said it would cost me 70$ to buy the foam for it.aggh. He agreed it was WAY to much to spend esp. since I only paid 1$ for the slipcover. So he led me outback where they have to throw away all their foam for hygiene reasons and showed me brand new large pieces that they couldn't reuse. He gave them to me FREE! I cut them to size and covered them in some old material I had and they fit perfectly in the slipcover. I think I may even have enough foam and misc. stuffing to make another chair with another new 1$ slipcover I have. So we'll have 3, one for each child -spoiled. I wish he'd give me some free stuffing for my beanbag covers :)

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