Sunday, January 31, 2010

Madeline's baby blessing

We were going to do Madeline's baby blessing the first Sunday of December, but at the last minute we realized that my brother (again, this is David writing) Jared and his family live only 5 hours (only) away in St. Johns and they might like to come.  They agreed, so we ended up blessing Madeline the Sunday before Christmas so that Jared and Jenna and their cute kids Jacob and Abbie (and their little puppy Bruce) could come.  It was fun having them here for the weekend; I got to talk trucks and iPods with my brother, the kids got to have a blast playing with their cousins, and Stephanie and Jenna had fun, well, doing whatever women do.  Thanks Jared and Jenna for bringing your family and for participating in Madeline's blessing!

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