Sunday, January 31, 2010

First soccer game

Cole and Stella had their first soccer game on Saturday.  It was windy and a wee-bit frosty, but for playing soccer in January, we really couldn't complain.  Anyway, they warmed up quickly and had fun playing with their friends.  While some of the kids really appeared to get the idea of scoring goals, Cole and Stella seemed to enjoying just running around after the pack.  Stella especially would just run all over the place laughing and cheering and smiling, at times seemingly unaware of where the ball even was.  But when she's that cute, can you blame her?


Heather said...

We totally applaud their cuteness! I am loving all of the shorts that go down to the ankles too, it is so cute! I also ove the picture of you and stella looking at eachother, so darling!

Jenna Jarvis said...

yea . . . soccer in feb. i love the pictures. we need to come up to watch a game, or two, or three.