Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Stella

Stella turned 2 on Aug. 1st. We LOVE her! "She's something else" as her daddy always says. She's as cute and as lovable as they come. Her friend Hannah came over during the day and we had chocolate pudding and cupcakes. She got a baby stroller she hasn't walked away from since and Grandma Puente made her day with new pink sandals and all the accessories a little girl could want.


Heidi Jarvis said...

I LOVE that cake. You did such a fabulous job. And..Ummmmm..does Cole ever wear clothes???

christensen family said...

I wish I had your talent Stephanie. You truly are a Martha Stewart. I love that cake. I wish we lived closer so I could learn. Maybe one day Shawn & David will work at the same school and we'll live closer. Your kids are darling and getting so big. Take care.


Tami said...

That cake looks familiar. It is so cute! You are so awesome.