Friday, September 19, 2008


Since the 1/2 marathon was at Disneyland, why not splurge and make it a great vacation. My brother Aaron came and spent most of the weekend with us. If he lived closer, he'd be our official babysitter. The kids loved him. We stayed at the Howard Johnson across the street from Disneyland. They just opened up a great children's splash park including slides and a huge splash bucket. It was the highlight of their trip. Cole and Stella would get concerned when Aaron would run under the dump bucket, "Watch our Aaron, watch out" in the cutest, squeakiest voices they could muster up. The kids were great. They traveled perfectly, took naps everyday and even tried to pretend Disneyland was a fun place, just for Mommy's sake. It was a weekend well worth the splurge.

There was lots of love

We were able to spend some time with my grandpa and his wife Carmen. We had enchiladas for dinner and picked loads of avocados from his tree. We were sad that we couldn't visit with Danny, Lara and Sienna. But I hope Lara is feeling better now!

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thechoulespauls said...

oh stephanie your kids are adorable and grandpa looks amazing. i didn't know he remarried- so cute i hope the az heat didn't kill you guys this summer...