Monday, April 21, 2008

My Plants

Cole wanted to break out the pool today. I guess it's OK since it's practically 90 degrees. While he and Stella played, I took pictures of my garden and some plants. They make me very happy.

From left to right, we have corn, cantaloupe, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers, red peppers, green peppers, red onions, walla walla yellow onions, carrots and zucchini. I know, it's alot for a little space, but we'll worry about it if everything actually grows big enough to produce vegetables. So far, so good considering everything but the peppers, tomatoes and jalepeno plant came from seed.

In pots (left) I have 2 tomato plants and 1 jalepeno plant. We are planning on making fresh salsa all summer! Below are the seedlings for thyme, cilantro and basil. I'm going to plant parsley and oregano today.

Above I have some plants I'm particularly proud of. Almost 2 years ago, David bought me some beautiful potted lilies for my birthday and Mother's day. The plants were near death and I wondered what to do with them. I decided to plant them outside in pots and see what would happen. Last year they got a few green leaves and that's it. That gave me hope though, so I continued to keep them in their pots throughout the winter. This year they are big, beautiful and going to bloom! I'm sooo excited. I love Lillies and David bought me a BEAUTIFUL Lilly plant when Stella was born. I loved it so much, Stella was almost named Lilly. If I was smarter then I would have known to keep the plant after the flowers died and replanted it here in Tucson. The ones above are Asiatic Lillies (various colors) and the ones below are Stella de Oro (yellow/gold). I also bought a Dahlia plant last year. I was able to get two blooms from it before it died off. When I went to dig it up, (it's an annual) I noticed it had large roots or tubers, so I thought humm, what would happen if I divide them and planted them. Well this year they grew and instead of one dahlia plant, I now have 5! And one currently has a flower bud. My PhD, plant science major husband doubted all my gardening efforts this winter. We get a couple of freezing nights for a few weeks during the winter season. We diligently covered our plants outside, but they still ended up pretty ugly. Patience and love does wonders, even for plants. They are looking even better this year.

You can catch a glimpse of our new extended patio in the above picture. David finished it yesterday. When the backyard is completely finished I'll post pics of it as well as Stella's room we also worked on this weekend.

Well, since I'm talking about plants why stop here. Here are some of my other plants in bloom right now.

We'll figure out where to arrange them in the backyard when it's finished. Got to have succulents in Tucson (left pics)

Iceland Poppies and Kangaroo paws on the left.
One of my hydrangea's below and a purple cabbage to it's right. I didn't know they bloomed.

I told my mom and dad we had the prettiest front yard in the whole neighborhood, we really did. The bushes on the right were in full bloom a few weeks ago, but I waited to take the picture until my pots were in bigger bloom, so then the yellow bushes started dying off. It really was a beautiful front yard. Remember we live in the desert. The fact that we have even just a little bit of color in our yard means alot. Most of my plants I've gotten on clearance from Lowe's for a 1$ or so, and the 6 different plants in my large pot I got this winter for .30 cents each from Target. Quite the bargain. I should have bought more, but I'm learning how to save seeds from my flowers so we'll see what I can grow for free. When the rest of my flowers come into bloom, be assured I'll post pictures. It may be a boring read, but I can do it. It's my blog:)


Heidi Jarvis said...

You totally have a green thumb. Way to go, everything looks so good.

jj evans said...

I was so jealous that I went out and bought 3 tomato plants and 1 pepper plant today. I got some pots at the dollar store, so I'm anxious to see them produce!

Elle Taylor said...

I thought I was all alone in wanting so many different types of flowers. I see it runs in the family. :) Nice job on the garden. I hope to have one some day, I just can't decide where to put it right now.